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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the studio is closed. Classes will resume in the spring.


4:15pm  Chair Yoga with Stephanie

5:30pm Gentle Yoga with Stephanie

6:45pm Strength, Core and More with Sarah


9:30am Rise and Restore with Stephanie

6:00pm Mindful Flow with Jess


5:30pm Gentle Yoga with Stephanie

6:45pm Transformational Yoga with Stephanie


5:30pm Gentle Flow with Stephanie

6:45pm Fusion Flow with Laurie


7:00am Sunrise Yoga with Stephanie/ Sarah

8:30am Rise and Restore with Stephanie/Sarah

General Information

No sign up is needed to join a class.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first class, because you will need to fill out a waiver. We have all you need, just wear comfortable clothes that you can move easily in and bring a bottle of water. 

All classes are approximately 1 hour in length. 

Drop in classes are $15 (cash preferred), so come try it out! 

You can also purchase a 10- Class pass for $100- a savings of 33%! These passes never expire and you can use them at your leisure!


 We have also introduced our 3 Month and 6 Month passes, which are great for people who take more than 1 class a week!

3 Month passes are $350. 

6 Month passes are $700.

Save Time!

Print and fill out our intake forms to bring with you to class!

Just click the links below!

Please print both pages!

Class Descriptions

Rise and Restore

Taking you on the journey of sun salutes I,II, and III. Moon salutes and everything in between to give you a full body work out. All levels, from beginner to advanced, are welcome.

Chair Yoga

Unsure of your stability in a regular yoga class, or find it hard to get up and down off the floor? Try Chair Yoga! Using a chair for stability, you can get all the benefits of yoga seated. If you have mobility issues like fibromyalgia, arthritis, MS, hip or knee replacement, recovery or cancer, this is a great way to enjoy yoga. Wheelchairs welcome!


Gentle Yoga

A gentle flow evening class to help you relax and wind down from the day to center you and help you sleep like a baby! All levels welcome! A great class for beginners to start with.

Transformational Yoga

An anatomy based yoga to help stack your body from head to toe in correct posture, working through yoga poses to help strengthen the body. We address the class and find out what’s going on to work through any issues in your tissues. This is a great class for athletes and anyone looking to correct body posture issues.

Sunrise Yoga

Sunrise Yoga is an early awakening class to start your day. Gentle movement orientated, this class works for any level yogi who wants to start the day out right. Come ready to laugh, smile, and enjoy your morning with yoga!


Fusion Flow

A unique blend of Vinyasa yoga, Thai yoga massage, guided meditation and energy work, this moderately paced flow will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Mindful Flow

 This moderately paced class is a unique blend of postures to strengthen the body and focus the mind.

Strength, Core and More

This class is for intermediate and advanced yogis that are looking to have fun and challenge in their practice. Each class will be different, sometimes utilizing balance boards, yoga wheels, weighted balls, yoga straps, etc.

Client Testimonials

Upon moving to Lakeville just about 3 years ago, I was thrilled to be embarking on a new adventure but very sad to be leaving my wonderful yoga studio behind. I was eager to find a new studio to become my home but was nervous to begin my search, as I was 5 months pregnant. After an extensive amount of research I repeatedly came up empty handed when trying to find a prenatal yoga class that was nearby. I did however stumble upon “Yoga Fusion” multiple times and saw that they offered a “Gentle Yoga” class. All the usual doubts followed, as it was my first pregnancy and it seemed like the list of “do nots” was infinite. However, I was desperate to get back to my practice and decided to give it a chance. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

            Not only is the Yoga Fusion studio warm and inviting but I felt an immediate connection with Stephanie (the owner), we were kindred spirits and I knew right from the beginning that I had found my new yoga home. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first pregnancy and many questions constantly flew through my head, mostly; how long would I be able to keep this up? Remarkably, I found that I was able to continue to practice most of the poses throughout my entire pregnancy- I did avoid all poses on my stomach and took a very wide legged child pose stance. As always, it’s extremely important to listen to your body and to avoid anything that makes you uncomfortable.

 Steph was amazing throughout the entire process, giving me pointers and modifications when needed. I remained surprisingly strong and where as some of my pregnant friends could no longer bend down to tie their shoes I remained exceedingly flexible. Towards the end of my pregnancy as I continued to grow bigger and bigger, I wondered every week if this Monday would be my last yoga class… and yet as every Monday approached I found that not only could I still do yoga but I looked forward to it. In the end, I was able to continue my practice until 4 days before the delivery of my handsome baby boy and then once again, 2 years later, with my baby girl.

            I highly recommend to anyone wondering or interested in doing prenatal yoga, or in my case, gentle yoga, to give it a try. It was such a wonderful experience for me and I could not be happier. . It too, is such a special time between you and your baby- I loved quieting my mind and really connecting with my baby during that designated hour each week, when my only focus was my baby and me.

 Although I am not pregnant anymore, I resumed my practice as soon as my doctor gave me the ok and where once upon a time, it was my hour to connect with my baby, it has now become an hour where I can once again recuperate and focus on myself for an hour a week…because as a wise woman once said.. “Self care is not selfish.”


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