Private Sessions

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the studio is closed! Private Sessions will resume in the spring.

Individual or Group Private Session

Are you interested in learning where to start with yoga? Are you uncomfortable going into a class setting? Do you feel like you have too many issues in your tissues that you just can't do yoga? A private session may be the answer!

Starting yoga can be intimidating. When you book a private session with Stephanie, the studio is yours and yours only for an hour. Stephanie will discuss proper body alignment to keep you safe, we will go over basic  yoga postures and it will be an open forum for you to discuss any issues in your body or ask questions. If you're having mobility issues and would like to know which type of yoga or class is right for you, that can be done at this time as well. This time and space will allow you to get more comfortable with the studio and its surroundings. Usually one session is all that is needed to bring you up to speed and comfortable stepping into a class setting  and start your journey into yoga. 

Private sessions can be one on one or a group of friends, family members or colleagues.


The cost of the 1 hour session is $75. To book an appointment please call 508-404-9126. We will book an appointment according to what is convenient for your schedule and ours. 

 All you need is to book your appointment, wear comfortable clothes you can move around in and a bottle of water.

Yoga for Cancer

If you or someone you know is fighting cancer and going through treatments, is in recovery or recuperating from reconstructive surgery , you know how important it is to remain positive and active. Yoga can help you do that! 

With a private session, the studio is completely yours- so anyone immunocompromised will not have to worry about entering a class full of people. Stephanie, being Y4C certified, will support you and  gently lead you through different yoga poses, either seated or on a mat using lots of props to guide you through any discomfort you may have following surgery or treatment.

Prenatal Yoga

Are you expecting a little Yogi, and are now a new Momma on the mat? Are you uncomfortable in a general yoga class and feel like modifications haven't been being made for you? We're here to help! A private session might be just the thing you're looking for! If this is something you're interested in please contact the studio. Stephanie is certified in Prenatal Yoga, giving you peace of mind that you and your baby are in good hands. It can be just you, or a group of friends all becoming mommies together! Let us help you find your naMOMste! 

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® is a great way to get started into meditation. This version is done laying down, in shavasana setting, being guided verbally into utter bliss! Gentle, soothing music will take you floating off, melting into your mat, to places in your mind you never thought you could be. Learn how to shut the outside world out for just a while. Hands on gentle massages, also known as adjustments will be made in this class. Great for a girls night out, bridal shower, milestone birthday celebrations, work holiday parties, date night or you just want to learn how to get connected to yourself- body, mind and soul! Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® is best practiced in a group session. 

If you would like to schedule any of these, please call the studio at 508-404-9126. 

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